Interactive Map: America's State Fish

Can you tell what each state fish is in the picture above? Learn more in the interactive map below.

Each of the US states have their own collection of symbols that reflect heritage, culture, landscape and wildlife. States have everything from an official song to an official soil - truly - and when it comes to wildlife, they have official fish too.

In some states, the state fish is the most abundant species in the region. In others, like Massachusetts - where the cod fishing industry once served as the state's economic bedrock - the state fish represents heritage.

The map below features each US state fish with a fact about each of the species. Drag your cursor or finger over the states to view each fish and factoid.

[usahtml5map id="0"]

You'll notice some interesting trends when perusing the map. For instance, the various subspecies of cutthroat trout are the dominant fish of the West. Channel catfish are the state fish for the majority of the midwestern states. Brook trout - those wily little fish that anglers have been chasing for centuries - are the official fish for several northeastern states. And largemouth bass, probably our favorite fish to catch, is the state fish for the southeastern corner of the US.

Interestingly, Kansas and Arkansas don't have an official state fish. We're curious what you think their pick should be, so be sure to leave your suggestions in the comments section.