Charging Moose
Facebook: Åke Lundström

Charging Moose Drops at Hunter's Feet After Final, Point-Blank Shot

We see plenty of amazing hunting videos here at Wide Open Spaces, but it isn't often that everyone in editorial is left with our jaws on the floor at what we just witnessed. That's the case with today's crazy moose hunting video that originates out of Sweden.

At first, this appears to be a typical moose hunting video. There's a bull working his way through the brush towards the hunter and the person holding the camera. When he sees an opening, he takes the shot.

What happens next is every moose hunter's worst nightmare come to life. The big animal does not go down. Nor does he run away from the hunters. Instead, he turns and starts running right at the humans. This video has an unbelievable finish you must see to appreciate.

We have seen tons of moose charge videos in the past, but we have never seen one where the moose literally lands at the hunter's feet with the final, point-blank shot! We can't blame that guy for clutching his chest after that heart-stopping hunt. We're guessing he needed a few minutes to get his heart rate back to normal after that hunt.

Hey, that may be the shortest moose recovery ever at least! We threw the video's caption into Google Translate and we know this tool isn't always exact, but it says: "The youngest daughter was allowed to accompany the female core today. It became almost unnecessarily exciting!"

If this was their definition of ALMOST exciting, it leaves us wonder what an exciting hunt is like across the pond! We suppose the lesson to be learned from this hunt is to stay on your feet and to be ready to move while hunting moose at close range. Because you simply never know when one is going to turn and run after you!

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