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Charges Filed in 2016 Restaurant Case Involving Deer Parts

A couple is charged for allegedly selling deer parts in New York and having them in their Lititz restaurant.

Misdemeanor charges for illegally selling deer parts have been reportedly refiled against the former owners of a Chinese restaurant in Lititz.

Wildlife Conservation Officer Greg Graham of the Pennsylvania Game Commission filed 17 wildlife violations Wednesday June 28, against Shi Lu Eng and her husband, Chun Dwong Eng, of Lititz.

Shi Lu Eng, 55, was cited for 15 violations of alleged illegal transport of deer parts to sell in New York City.

Similarly, both were cited with one count of possessing deer parts with the intent to sell at their restaurant.

Similar charges were filed against the couple last July. However, charges were dropped by the Wildlife Commission last November.

Graham told Lancaster News that the charges were dropped once new information came to light. The new info, in fact, would possibly lead to more serious violations. However, nothing came to fruition.

According to the Game Commission, Shi Lu Eng continually removed discarded deer products from dumpsters after being discarded by deer processors in Elizabethtown and New Holland.

In 2015, approximately 300 to 400 pounds of deer parts were discovered inside their restaurant. The parts included deer brains, heads and skinned tails.

The Engs told the Game Commission they were using the deer meat only for their own use and it was not used in any food in the restaurant.

The store was later sold.

Each charge carries a fine of $1000-$1500 and up and could result in up to 90 days in jail.

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Charges Filed in 2016 Restaurant Case Involving Deer Parts