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Cellphone Camera Films Up Close Encounter with Giant 13-Point Deer

YouTube: Mossy Oak

Winter desperation may have been behind this close encounter with a huge 13-point deer.

Leave it to the Mossy Oak crew to know a big deer when they see it.

This video, uploaded to their YouTube page, shows a gigantic 13-point whitetail deer that wandered within extremely close proximity to this woman.

Looks like at least one beast of a buck has made it through another hunting season.

Watch the video below:

Anyone who knows a little about deer understands the hardships they go through finding food in the winter. Almost all of their food sources have been depleted, leading to what sometimes equates to desperate circumstances.

We're guessing that's what was going on in this video, because heaven knows that buck wouldn't have gotten that close to anything human or human-related if it were in its usual state of high alert.

Was the buck looking for food? Did he assume this nice lady would have some? Or was there something else at work here?

As it turns out, the video's description had a little more info. The encounter was shot by a woman in Manitoba who had unfortunately just lost her seven-month-old in a car accident.

There's even a GoFundMe account for the family, set up in case people can spare a donation. Perhaps the deer was trying to provide a little support, courtesy of Mother Nature.




Cellphone Camera Films Up Close Encounter with Giant 13-Point Deer