stray bullet

Celebratory Gunfire Legislation to be Introduced by Texas State Rep Hit by Stray Bullet

A Texas state representative was hit by stray bullet on New Year's Eve.

Texas lawmakers could be starting discussions on laws against shooting firearms in celebration after a state representative was hit with a stray bullet on New Year's Eve.

Armando Martinez narrowly escaped a much worse fate in the incident that has inspired him to bring up the issue in next week's legislative session.

Police are still investigating what happened in the incident, but Martinez believes it was a celebratory shot for the New Year.

"When they're telling you a few more millimeters and we wouldn't be having this discussion," Martinez told 5 News. "You see your skull and the bullet went right through it all the way down and it was touching the brain itself. Luckily it didn't penetrate the brain. And by the grace of God, we're having this conversation now."

Whether the shot that hit him was a celebratory shot or not, it just goes to show the dangers of shooting any firearm without a backstop where you don't know where the bullet might end up. It will be interesting to watch this story and see if Texas actually puts any laws in place to guard against this sort of incident in the future.