Celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas With These Impressive Guns.com Deals

Guns.com has gone above and beyond the expected once again for their incredible "12 Days of Christmas" Giveaway Event!

Everyone knows the classic holiday tune "12 Days of Christmas," and it's often used as a nifty vehicle for brands and companies to draw a little extra attention during the busy end of the year shopping periods.

But we've never seen a themed promotion so gun-oriented until we came across Guns.com, and now we're sure to check it out every year.

What's so great about the Guns.com 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway? There are 12 different deals to get in on, and 12 amazing prizes you stand the chance to win with entries every day.

The giveaways are tied into special savings and discounts throughout the month of December, and you'll enjoy checking in on each day's offer.

Here's the full list of 12 days, and the impressive gear Guns.com is giving away for each.

Day 1 - December 3

Henry Rifle plus 5% off used guns

Day 2 - December 4

Glock G17 prize pack plus 5% off used guns

Day 3 - December 5

Smith & Wesson M&P9 with optic

Day 4 - December 6

Guns & Ammo subscription plus free shipping for orders over $500

Day 5 - December 7

U.S. Lawshield membership gift cards plus free shipping for orders over $500

Day 6 - December 8

Glock G44

Day 7 - December 9

Smith & Wesson M&P15-22 with optic plus 10% off all MAGPUL products

Day 8 - December 10

Springfield Armory XD Elite plus 10% off MAGPUL products

Day 9 - December 11

$500 Guns.com Holiday Voucher plus free shipping on everything

Day 10 - December 12

Ultimate EDC Crate from Full30 plus extra deals in the warehouse cleanout

Day 11 - December 13

Surelock Cadet 24 Safe plus extra deals in the warehouse cleanout

Day 12 - December 14

$100 Gift Card to Guns.com plus extra deals in the warehouse cleanout

There's no doubt this is the ultimate gun lover's giveaway, and since it coincides with the best time of year, you should take full advantage!

Enter each day, see what the warehouse cleanout consists of, and make sure you're getting the best inventory, prices, and customer service an online firearms marketplace can offer.

Guns.com can make that claim, and they're showing their appreciation by giving away tons of great gear during their 12 Days of Christmas celebration.