Justin Hoffman

Caught Speeding? Try Blaming a Deer, Like This Massachusetts Man

In a strange but true case out of Massachusetts, a man's defense is a deer was caught speeding, not him.  

Most folks will admit their wrongdoing and simply pay the fine after being caught speeding. Let's be honestchances are you've been caught one or twice.

But for Dennis Sayers, of Haverhill, Massachusetts, pointing the finger at someone elsealbeit one that is covered by fur and has four legsseemed like a rational thing to do.

Sayers was clocked going 40 mph in a 30 mph zone back on November 14, 2016. The penalty for this minor offense: a $105 ticket. Apparently that was too stiff a fine for this lead-footed driver, who decided to appeal the charge with a far-fetched defensethat the officer's radar gun may have picked up a deer in the vicinity and not his vehicle.

During Sayer's questioning of the officer responsible for the ticket, Royster Johnson, he asked (to assorted chuckles throughout the courtroom) if the officer is 100 percent certain that the radar gun captured the speed of his vehicle, or did it in fact capture the speed of a deer that could have been in the vicinity. This turned to loud laughter when the presiding judge, Peter Doyle, responded by saying:

"You're not contending the radar picked up the deer?" To which Sayers replied, "Anything was possible."

Not surprisingly, the fine was upheld. And in case you're wondering, whitetail deer can run as fast as 30 mph. Strange but true indeed.