When You Catch so Many Red Snapper You Throw One Back for Being Too Small

This is not really a fishing video about red snapper. It's more of a catching video about red snapper.

Fishing off the west coast of Florida, these anglers can be seen ripping lip on some very impressive red snapper. Watch all the action and get psyched for your next fishing trip.

Can you believe they caught so many red snapper they decided to throw one back?! That's one problem anglers should never ever complain about.

Both Jimmy and Luiza were able to land these big fish no problem. They key is knowing what to do once you've set the hook so the fish won't break you off. These red snapper put up quite a fight so they had to be ready for battle once one bit.

In case you missed it, this video was filmed in Crystal River, Florida. Now you know of a great spot to do some amazingly fruitful red snapper fishing. Get out there now.