Catch, Clean, and Cook Those Nasty Gar; You Might be Surprised!

Gar are perceived as a trash fish, but you might be surpised with how it taste!

Anglers usually hate gar. Aggressive fish that will often bite your crank baits or catfish bait, and then are really tough to get off because of their mouths and teeth. They also or slimy, smell funny, and are rather ugly. But does all this mean they will taste terrible as well?

If you have never cleaned a gar, I encourage you to try it once just so you can see how different it is from any other fish. A fillet knife is not going to cut it. There body is covered with an armor sheet that is very strange. The only way to get through it is with some shear cutters.

TallFishermanJ takes his YouTube following along for the ride as he catches, cleans, and cooks up this gar.

I had caught many gar over my fishing career, but had always thrown them back. But we got the wild hair to keep and clean one once and, like this guy, I was pleasantly surprised with the taste.

Although it did taste good, I think the skinning process is what keeps people from messing with gar most of the time.

Catch one and give it a try, I think you might me surprised just how well gar taste.

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