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Catch and Release Trout Picked up by Water Snake

trout vs snake

This crazy video shows a water snake grabbing a trout, right after the angler releases it back into the water and heads off with it.

Let ’em go, let ’em grow.

That’s normally a good rule of thumb when fishing to try to catch bigger and better fish. Many times we fish, we are moving so quickly we don’t even get the chance to follow through as we catch and release. We cast, hook, reel, maybe take a picture, release and then start the cycle again.

This video shows just what happens after the angler releases his trout back into the water. Moments after the release the trout appears to come out of the water on it’s own, only it wasn’t on it’s own.

A water snake had grabbed ahold of the trout and proceeded onto the rocky bank for what we can assume was not a member participating in the catch and release program.

I’m not sure where the angler was fishing but at the point of letting nature take it’s course, my selfishness may have kicked in and made that my dinner. Would that make me a thief to steal the fish back from the snake? Maybe. I’m not a huge fan of snakes anyway but I at least know we both have one thing in common, we both love a tasty trout.

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Catch and Release Trout Picked up by Water Snake