Cat vs Coyote
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House Cat Uses Up Multiple Lives Escaping Urban Coyote on Texas Porch

Urban coyotes are increasingly becoming a huge problem across the United States. Unfortunately for us, these sneaky predators are quite adaptive, and they've taken to living with humans a little too well. Now, there are tons of unwanted encounters with both humans and common house pets. Such an encounter recently took place and was captured in a wild video in Surfside Beach, Texas. The footage was shot by a security camera on a deck at a beach house. The cat and coyote suddenly appear out of nowhere, and they end up triggering a motion-detecting exterior light. Fortunately for the cat, there's an old beach chair sitting on the deck.

The cat then uses the chair as a barrier between itself and the predator's snapping jaws. The coyote keeps trying to get an angle on the cat, but it just isn't having any luck. At one point, the cat jumps up on the railing and the coyote jumps up and grabs the cat. The ferocious feline fights back and makes the coyote let go again before the feline jumps to the top railing and climbs up high out of the coyote's reach. The predator realizes it has lost and eventually gives up. It's a wild piece of footage you need to see to believe.

The coyote appears to be a young one who is not very experienced in hunting. The cat probably used up three or four lives here, but that inexperience of the coyote gave the cat the edge it needed to escape. Note the difficulty the cat had climbing up that post. It could be adrenaline, but we think it's more likely the cat was declawed, which made this escape even more impressive. That coyote simply did not expect his prey to fight back like that.

The fact this coyote was brazen enough to chase the cat onto a deck is enough to convince us Surfside Beach needs some serious predator control. Either get some talented hunters out there or send in some trappers. This time it was a cat, but the next time it could be someone's child. We're just glad there was a video rolling to shed some light on the urban coyote problem!

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