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Cat vs. Alligator: Unlikely Foes Square Off in Tense Showdown

Some things in nature are hard to explain. This cat vs. alligator showdown might rank among the strangest.

Mugsy the cat has a zero tolerance policy for alligators stepping out of line. Forget cat-and-mouse; This is cat-and-gator, and this cat's no scaredy.

This ballsy feline takes swipe after swipe at a hungry gator. Each time the alligator reaches for the chicken on the shore, Mugsy takes a swipe, sending the gator shrinking back. To everyone's amazement, the predator seems humbled. Watch as Mugsy denies this alligator its chicken treat again and again... and (miraculously) lives to become a YouTube celebrity in the process:

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"What is the cat's endgame?" asks one observer. Fair question. We have to wonder that, too, given Mugsy's clear disadvantage in this scenario. Near the end of the clip, the frustrated reptile looks as if it's had enough and makes a move toward Mugsy. Within seconds, the toothy predator loses his nerve and slips back into the water.

Cat: 1, Gator: 0.

Paws bested teeth in this cat vs. alligator showdown. And we can rest assured that so long as Mugsy patrols this shoreline, no reptile will so much as put a toe out of line.

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This article was originally published August 16, 2016.

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