How to Capture All Your Hunting and Fishing Moments to Relive Forever

GoXtreme makes a great POV camera that can help you capture all those great moments in the outdoors so you can relive them over and over again.

The older I get and the more I hunt, the more I cherish all the special sights and sounds that come from each hunt.

And I can only assume, the longer I enjoy the great outdoors, the more these feelings will continue to fester.

Nature provides something that you simply can't find anywhere else. It's alive and surreal, so why wouldn't you want to capture all those moments on film?

Now GoXtreme has created some of the highest quality POV cameras on the market to snatch those moments up on film and relive forever.

And yes, you read correctly, I said GoXtreme, not GoPro. In a previous article I broke down the Blackhawk 4K camera from GoXtreme and all its capabilities, and you can see that here.

I will let you read that article above on the camera itself rather than explaining it again, but I wanted to use this article to encourage you to buy a POV camera from GoXtreme so you can capture those photos and moments. With many accessories, you can practically place these cameras anywhere anymore.

On your head, on your dog, on your bow, on your bike, on your vehicle, on your chest, or on your fishing pole... the opportunities are endless.

I cannot wait to capture my waterfowl hunts, whitetail hunts, and eventually turkey hunts on my GoXtreme for seasons to come.

I recently took the GoXtreme Blackhawk on a backcountry elk hunt this September. I have gone back and watched these videos over and over again multiple times. Besides what my memory holds, this is the closest thing I can get to the actual hunt until my next elk hunt comes. And that is special.

Below are a few short clips from the trip, and ones where you can see the quality of footage the camera puts out.

Simply press record and let life happen, the GoXtreme will do the rest.

Make sure that when you watch these videos you are selecting the HD option to get the full effect. But, as you can see, these videos will put you right back into the footsteps you were in during the actual event. Bringing back vivid memories of what you experienced.

Unfortunately the bull moose video is hard to see because of the distance, but it still lets you relive the moment.

Whether hunting or fishing, or even camping, the moments your GoXtreme will capture will be worth every penny you pay. What are you waiting? Get a GoXtreme and join in on the adventures with me. But please share, because we want to see what you experience as well!