Buffalo vs Lion
YouTube: Kruger Sightings

Cape Buffalo Launches Lion Into the Air, Big Cat Still Lands on Its Feet

Even the big cats always seem to land on their feet.

One of the biggest reasons to add a safari in Africa to your bucket list is simply because one never knows what they might see when they venture into the country's wild areas. Every single day predators and prey duke it out for survival. Other battles between creatures seem to happen simply because they have invaded each other's space.

Such seems to be the case with this wild video out of Kruger National Park. Some young lions are just minding their own business, and one of them has captured a large lizard that it starts to feast upon.

However, before the lion can enjoy its meal, a cape buffalo stumbles onto the scene. Apparently, the buffalo does not like the lions in the area because it decides to attack. While tourist cameras roll, one of the lions gets lifted and flipped high into the air. Amazingly, the big cat lands on its feet and runs off to hunt another day!

Watching something like this, it is easy to see how the cape buffalo got the nicknames "black death," and "widowmaker." This animal has earned a legendary reputation for attacking not only other animals, but humans too. Unlike many other animals, cape buffalo attacks are common, especially if the person corners the animal or otherwise encroaches into their personal space.

It is worth noting that lions do prey upon cape buffalo sometimes. The ones in this video were far too undersized to be a threat. To the buffalo it does not matter. It perceived a threat and decided to remove it. This makes us wonder if there were some younger animals somewhere nearby it was protecting.

Either way, never underestimate the toughness of a lion. Just like all cats, they have an amazing ability to always land on their feet. That was an impressive bit of athleticism to get out of that flip, land on its feet and run away!

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