Cape Buffalo Throws Lion
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Cape Buffalo Effortlessly Throws Lion Through the Air

The cape buffalo is one of the most dangerous animals in Africa.

Everyone knows mother nature is a cruel mistress. However, the brutality seems to be amped up several notches in South Africa. Mostly because of the many different large predators and prey that live in the area. Every day is a fight to survive and sometimes animals must take a gamble to get a meal.

This malnourished lion is a prime example. She appears to be extremely skinny and is stalking some nearby cape buffalo. Unfortunately for the lion, the buffalo have noticed their stalker.

Before the lion can really react, one of the bulls starts charging to attack. Before the big cat can react, she is sent skyward with one flip of the buffalo's head.

The cape buffalo is one of the most dangerous animals in Africa for a reason. They have a short temper and are not afraid to attack. Seeing how skinny this lion was, it appears the fact she was even watching the buffalo was an act of desperation. A lone lion's odds of successfully hunting food are not great. Especially after she was nearly gored like this. As she walked away, her back leg was clearly injured. The odds of her survival without a pride are probably not good.

Unfortunately, the lives of lions are fraught with peril. They may be some of the most ferocious predators in Africa, but they risk significant injury every time they hunt. A broken leg or jaw can mean a death sentence for the big cats if they get into a prolonged struggle. In the past, many big cats that have become "maneaters" were later shown to have injuries that prevented them from catching normal prey. In short, the big cats become desperate for whatever they can catch.

Nature is rarely fair when it comes to who lives and who dies. Just keep this video in mind as a reminder to keep beasts like the cape buffalo a wide berth if you ever travel to see the sights in Africa!

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