Pet Owners Say These Affordable Candles Eliminate Pet Odor (And Smell Amazing)

When it comes to our furry friends, they make the most adorable companions however, they can also leave behind some not-so-pleasant odors.

Diffusing essential oils can be toxic to pets, and spraying air fresheners only temporarily masks the smell. As a candle lover and a pet owner, candles are my go-to when eliminating odors and freshening the air.

These pet owners are raving over these odor-eliminating candles from Amazon. Check them out below!

Best Candles for Pet Odor

1. One Fur All 100% Natural Soy Wax Candle

With over 6,000 ratings, this candle is definitely a top pick among pet owners. This pet odor eliminator candle is created with an odor neutralizer and is formulated to remove lingering pet smells. You can pick from a variety of rich aromas, including Mediterranean Sea, apple cider, and even caramel latte!

You get a long-lasting burn time of up to 60 hours with this candle. What I love most about this candle is that it is made with 100% natural soy wax and does not contain paraffin. The 100% cotton wick allows you to get a clean burn each time you use it.

This customer loves that their home doesn't smell like cat litter or wet dog fur:

"I wondered as I walked back downstairs to the living room where that fragrance was coming from.. it didn't smell like cat litter or wet dog smelled delightful.. I wondered if my friend who stopped by in the morning had worn something new... anyhow as I walked by the glass fireplace I realized I had lit the new pet candle earlier and it was magically infusing my life with delight... it says to burn for a couple of hours and I did that and it continued to enhance our indoor environment, so I thought...I need to order some to keep on hand... so I love it..."

Check out the One Fur All wax melts as well!

2. Arm & Hammer Air Care Pet Scents Scented Candle

Say bye to litter smells and other household odors! Arm & Hammer is known for making specialty pet products, and this deodorizing candle is a must-have for pet parents! This soy blend candle is infused with baking soda and formulated to eliminate pet odors and keep your home fresh.

This three-wick candle is fresh breeze-scented and is the perfect size for any room.

This pet owner has three cats and says this candle works like a charm!

"It's SHOCKING how well this works. this is a three-cat house and that smell can get pretty bad pretty fast. But this candle gets rid of a TON of that smell that lingers even after you dump the litter box out. smells great!!"

This customer says that this candle provides a fresh smell but without the cleaning!

"I fight the dog smell in my house constantly and in so many ways. I got this candle and had it lit for a few hours. My boyfriend got home and said "it smells good in here, did you clean?" I hadn't cleaned the house and didn't have any other candles lit. I legit would leave this burning all day but for $15 I can't afford to use one every 4 days lol"

3. Pet Odor Exterminator Candle Clothesline Fresh Jar (13 oz)

Doggy smells and cat odors don't have to overpower your space, thanks to this pet odor jar candle. This candle burns up to 70 hours and is formulated with enzymes to remove odors, not just mask them! You can also have peace of mind knowing that this candle is sold and endorsed by veterinarians.

I love that this candle is available in a wide variety of scents, including creamy vanilla, mulberry and spice, and mango! This candle is a dream for both candle lovers and pet owners.

This candle has over 2,000 ratings, and here is what customers are saying:

"I have many of these candles in different scents but this Cinnamon Sprinkle scent is one that I really love, love, love! I use this candle in a warmer that melts the wax from the top down, giving it a great throw. This scent makes my entire home smell so amazing and more important ...... cat odor free. This candle came well packed with a lot of bubble wrap for protection. I'll definitely be ordering more in this Cinnamon Sprinkle scent."

"I bought my first of this candle a few years ago and now go out of the way to find this brand and scent. It really does help with pet (and even cooking) odors. It's a unique scent that I find very pleasant and relaxing, without being overwhelming. I always keep a couple extra on hand so I don't run out."

Which candle will you try?

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