timber ops hunting boots
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Can You Guess Why These Hunting Boots Are Like No Others?

What do you get when you cross a hunting boot with a tactical boot?

Answer: a NEW Guide Gear® Timber Ops Hunting Boot, an athletic "hybrid" that perfectly combines the rock-solid durability of hunting boots with the lightweight comfort and speed you look for in tactical boots. Better yet, when you inevitably want to wear these boots everywhere instead of just on the hunt, they can do double duty and take a beating like nothing else on the market.

Outdoors, it's all about the feel... and these boots just might make you rediscover the feel of walking.

At just 23 ounces apiece, these boots disappear onto your feet with a snug fit. The ultra-durable, flexible nylon and leather upper combined with precision lace placement ensures a snug fit that's also effortless (and blister free) to wear.

With specific sections of sole optimized for torsion control and lateral stability, the boots can adjust easily to rugged terrain while keeping your feet and ankles securely aligned, so you can keep your eyes on the sights, not the ground.

And of course, they repel water inside and out, keeping your feet comfortable whether it's cold and pouring rain or midsummer-in-Texas hot. At just $90, these are a slick deal.

To see some more detail up close, check out this video:

Whether you're chasing sharptails through the sage-grass or stalking mulies in the high country, these versatile boots give you a rare combination of speed and strength to propel you toward a successful hunt.