Can You Guess What Interrupts This Florida Turkey Fight

Can You Guess What Interrupts This Florida Turkey Fight?

These hunters were driving through some orange groves down in Florida and got a heck of a surprise when they stopped to watch this turkey fight.

Though Florida has some pretty darn good hog hunting opportunities, nothing is guaranteed. Trent Marsh of Hawke Sport Optics was nearing the end of a pretty frustrating hog hunt in Florida with Michael Lee of Backwoods Life and Davie Ferraro when they decided to change things up and take a drive through some of the orange groves in the area. While they were out, they got to watch a really cool Florida turkey fight between three gobblers.

Then, out of nowhere, a couple of hogs appeared out of the woods and ran right in front of the turkeys. Fortunately, Trent had his scoped Marlin 336 ready.

Watch the video to see how it all went down.

Nice shooting! That just goes to show that the hunt is not over until it's over!

I'm not sure if he had a Marlin 336 chambered in .30-30 Winchester or .35 Remington, but both cartridges are well suited for that exact situation.

The Marlin 336 isn't a long-range rifle by any means, but it's really tough to beat for hunts like this where you need to take a couple of quick shots at relatively close range. Since it has a solid receiver and ejects spent cartridges from the side (instead of the top), many hunters like Trent mount a scope on their Marlin 336.

So, he did a really good job of utilizing the strengths of his rifle when it all mattered, and he managed to salvage what must've been a pretty frustrating hunt up until that point.

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