Can You Really Cook Bacon With A Suppressor?

Can You Really Cook Bacon with a Suppressor? Watch This Video to Find Out

Anyone who has ever spent some time shooting suppressed weapons knows they can get pretty hot. But can you really cook bacon with a suppressor?

In response to some of the questions that the Marine Corps got after the organization started experimenting with suppressing every weapon in an infantry battalion, Gunner Christian Wade made a few videos to give people accurate information regarding suppressors. His first video about busting common myths about suppressors was a smashing success, so he made another one to answer the age old question: do suppressors really get hot enough that you could cook bacon with one?

Check out the video below to learn just how hot a suppressor can get. Also, I don't recommend trying to do this yourself.

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So, yes: you can actually cook bacon using a suppressor if you shoot enough rounds in a short enough time. While I'm really having a hard time thinking of a time where you'd ever need to cook bacon with a suppressor, this is still a good way to demonstrate just how how they can get after you do a lot of shooting with one.

Make sure you wear gloves and be careful after that trip to the range. They can get really hot!

By the way, can anyone think of something more American than cooking bacon using a suppressed rifle?

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