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Can You Outhunt and Outfun Michael Waddell? Here's Your Chance to Prove it!

Michael Waddell is one of the best personalities in the hunting industry, now he's taking casting calls to find someone who can outhunt and outfun him.

Michael Waddell always seems to be having fun. Whether it's hunting squirrels or chasing world record whitetails, the bone collector crew is always up for a good time. Now Waddell is opening the doors for a couple of new people to outshine them. He says that after all the comments he's received from people saying they can outhunt and outfun him, it's time for someone to step up and prove it.

Here's the video of the announcement:

All you have to do is comment on Waddell's Facebook video with a video of your own, sharing Waddell why you and your favorite hunting buddy will be the two to show the world how it's done. If your video is the best, he'll pay for you to come and join on a turkey hunt this spring.

There's no official deadline but you better get your response submitted soon before he picks someone else.

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