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Can a .410 Shotgun Slug Take Out Deer? Check This Video Out

.410 shotgun slug take out a deer

So is a .410 shotgun slug powerful enough for deer?

The .410 shotgun has its fans and its haters. With such a small bore, the payload is certainly way behind other popular gauges. Also, the shells have gotten rather expensive these days, but that's another story.

Watch this hunter use .410 slugs to take out a deer without a problem.

Using a .410 for deer is a heated debate. Some hunters say it shoots as straight as a rifle, while others say a it's far too small for deer, regardless of what shells you're using.

Well, YouTuber 77cletus has proven that from a close range, a .410 shotgun slug can hit like a sledgehammer. That big doe went down like it got hit by lightning.

The moral of the story here is to know the effective ranges of the weapon you hunt with. While it might not be the best from longer distances, a .410 up close with proper shot placement will get the job done.

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Can a .410 Shotgun Slug Take Out Deer? Check This Video Out