Cam Hanes

Cam Hanes Pops Balloon at 162 Yards on First Try with Bow

Cam puts in as much practice and preparation as anyone you will see. 162 yards divided by two makes for an 81-yard effective range with his setup. Prepare to be impressed.

If you want to be impressed, watch this video. Also, if you want to feel less confident about your archery skills, watch this video. Cam Hanes wows us with an incredible bow shot with his bow and smokes a balloon from a 162 yards away.

Just think about how far a bow shot seems with a doe standing out at about 70 yards. Now think about a balloon at 162 yards. Pretty remarkable.

Get to where you can comfortably shoot at this range, and those 50 yard shots will seem like chip shots.

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Little tidbit of advice if you decide to start flinging arrows at 162 yards: bring a lot of arrows.


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