California Hikers Almost Die After Running Out Of Water On Trail
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

California Hikers Almost Die After Running Out Of Water On Trail

Sometimes nature can be a cruel mistress. Many people love the outdoors whether it be hitting the lake, hunting, or hiking the trails. However, with summer months comes a brutal often unforgiving heat. If you don't prepare yourself then you can end up in serious danger and potentially even dying. Two California hikers almost died after running out of water while on the trail.

Fortunately, emergency services came to their aid. They were hiking in Joshua Tree when they ran out of water. California saw a heat wave with temperatures reaching triple digits. Ultimately, a helicopter had to come rescue them.

One of the hikers called 911 on June 9. He reported that he and his girlfriend were near Painted Canyon. However, his girlfriend had felt weak and became severely dehydrated, the Riverside County Sheriff's Office wrote on a social media post. As such, authorities sprang into action sending a Rescue 9 helicopter to them. They found the couple huddled in a dry creek bed. The male hiker had attempted to shield his girlfriend from the sun and heat.

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California Hikers Almost Die

The rescue helicopter picked each of them up one by one and flew them to safety. However, authorities confirmed that emergency responders boarded the woman into an aeromedical helicopter. She needed immediate help due to her severe condition. Meanwhile, the male hiker ended up going to the hospital in an ambulance as well.

A dramatic end to a day's hike, but the California hikers appear to have lived to see another day. Temperatures were sweltering in the area especially where they were hiking. The Painted Canyon area experienced high temperatures ranging from 100 to 105 degrees Fahrenheit. Prior to the incident, the National Weather Service issued Excessive Heat Warnings and Heat Advisories for the area.

While California is popular for hikers, the extreme heat can be a life-threatening issue especially during a heat wave. It's important to take plenty of water and to stay safe on the hiking rails. "Please remember as the temps increase take more water than you think you will need, have a hiking plan, and tell two people where you are going," the Riverside County Sheriff's Department in its social media post.