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Cabela's Polar Cap Cooler Settles the Cooler Debate

Cabela's stepped up to the plate of the cooler world series with the bases loaded and hit a grand slam. Here's why the Polar Cap cooler is so great.

So let's be honest, if you are in the market for a cooler you know the big names out there. Of course, everyone initially compares their coolers to Yetis. But with Yeti coolers being the most expensive on the market, many people are choosing other brands or settling for a smaller, more affordable version of the cooler they initially wanted.

I own several coolers in several different sizes. I own everything from a Yeti to a Coleman. Each cooler has its own pros and cons of course, but all are designed to hold ice.

We've seen the tests comparing lower-end and higher-end coolers, but what about functionality?

I didn't understand until I picked up my first Cabela's Polar Cap cooler. My neighbor owns this cooler in a 40-quart model, and after hearing him rave about how much he loves it, I had to find out what was so great about it.

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Top Pin Outdoors - Two Full Size Deer Quartered in the 100 quart Cabela's Cooler

I ended up with the 100-quart for one specific purpose—deer hunting. I travel throughout the entire NorthEast, and often times we quarter our deer up and need a cooler large enough to hold our meat. We also need something that will keep it cool for days when we don't have access to a convenience store.

When it comes to keeping ice in its solid state, the Cabela's option is at the top of the list. The Polar Cap has been put to the test among dozens of other brands and always seems to come out ahead. What really had me excited about this cooler, though, was how it was built. When you first put your hands on this cooler, you can feel just how tough it is. Initially, the large molded handles are durable without being too bulky.

When I ordered the 100-quart cooler, I was worried this was going to be a two-person operation. Honestly, once you fill it will ice and meat, I highly recommend having a second hand. But because of its build, one person can easily maneuver the cooler around. The rope handles are also great, and you can comfortably carry the cooler with another person.

Another favorite feature of mine is the ability to easily secure the cooler without having any special straps (unlike some of its competitors). The large, molded handles easily accept a ratchet strap so you can secure it to whatever you want. The best part is you can still open and close the lid once it's secure.

Cabela's Polar Cap Cooler


This brings me to the next part of the cooler—the lid. The lid is designed with a freezer-grade gasket that provides an air-tight seal. The seal is so air-tight they added a pressure relief valve for times it may become difficult to open. In the front of the lid, you have heavy-duty rubberized latches that also double as a bottle opener. Gimmicky? Maybe, but I found it to be very convenient. On the back side of the lid is a molded-in hinge with an aluminum connecting rod. This very tough feature separates the Polar Cap from the cheaply built coolers. As many of us know, lower-end coolers can be easily broken by accident or excessive use. I don't see that happening with the Polar Cap's design.

Another great feature of the cooler is its non-slip rubber foot. If you look closely, they are actually elevated to reduce heat transfer and keep things cold. In fact, it's proven to hold ice for up to five days.

With all of this in one cooler, it's no wonder it's a favorite for many outdoorsmen. How does it stand out, yet again? Well, ultimately the price. You get the rugged, functional, certified, bear-resistant design that keeps ice frozen for days at a fraction of the price. For the price of the Yeti 65, you can get the Cabela's 100-quart.

Cabela's cooler prices are very reasonable. In a world of "you get what you pay for," Cabela's gives you even more.

As a writer, I never thought I would be discussing and comparing coolers. With the design of the Cabela's Polar Cap Cooler, however, there really is no comparison. It's in a class of its own.

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