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Cabela's, Bass Pro Shops Land on List of Most Polarizing Brands

The two outdoor giants both found a spot on a list of the 30 most politically polarizing brands.

It's not easy being neutral in politics. In fact, it's pretty hard to land anywhere on the political spectrum these days without offending someone. A recent study by Morning Consult published a list of the 30 most polarizing brands in the U.S. today.

This survey took data from more than 300,000 interviews with both democrats and republications. Participants were asked to indicate whether they had favorable or unfavorable view of each brand placed in front of them. The list includes those brands who had the most variability in their score. Both Cabela's and Bass Pro Shops made the list.

Top 30 polarizing brands of 2018

Other brands to make the list include the NFL, Chick-fil-A, The Huffington Post, Fox News and NASCAR. Seriously, people? NASCAR?

For the full list, click here.

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Cabela's, Bass Pro Shops Land on List of Most Polarizing Brands