Busch Beer Super Bowl Ad Has an Outdoorsy Twist

The new Busch Beer Super Bowl ad, first debuted today, has a wilderness feel to it.

Any sportsman will appreciate what Busch Beer is doing lately, especially once seeing their hilarious new Super Bowl ad, set to air this Sunday during the big game. Their advertising strikes a humorous and relatable tone, and they're really making a push to reach the kind of audience who enjoys the outdoors.

Check out the ad, and learn some more about it below the video.

As you can tell, the finer points of nature are things Busch holds dear, even if their beer is disrupting the tranquility at times...

Some of the elements from this commercial harken back to earlier marketing efforts from Busch, and that's part of the nostalgia some of you will remember.

For some more background, here's a primer on some of the things Busch is bringing back in this ad.

"We're excited to be reintroducing Busch to the country at the big game. The creative, shot by director Harold Einstein, pays homage to the classic elements of Busch advertising while putting a fresh, comedic spin on it for today," added Dan Kelleher, Chief Creative Officer of Deutsch's NY office, in that release.

Plus, every good beer commercial needs a memorable personality, right? That's where "Busch guy" comes in, and he certainly looks like the kind of dude we'd see out hiking or camping. Maybe he'd even be inclined to wet a line in that stream?

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You might remember back at last year's NASCAR race at the GEICO 500 at Talladega, Busch debuted the Kevin Harvick number 4 car, which had awesome depictions of game fish on either side.

Good stuff from an American beer company that's doing their best to connect with the kind of folks who enjoy the great outdoors.