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Bulletproof: It's What's in Fashion This Year

Fashionable body armor is in this year.

This fashion designer makes sure all of his line is bulletproof. (In case you're skeptical, here is a firsthand account from someone who has experienced it in person).

Check out this video demonstrating just how bulletproof this clothing really is:

And here is a mini-documentary about the designer and the project produced by Vice:

Fashion designer Miguel Caballero is in the business of making his clients look real good. Oh, yes, and well protected.

Miguel has a whole line of bulletproof clothing that he will readily demonstrate shooting a revolver against. From handgun caliber threats his jackets, vests and blazers protect the wearer from hot lead poisoning. Oh yes and they are a whole lot less noticeable than traditional body armor vests.

If you are in the market for some sweet body armor fashion than look no further. Just make sure your wallet is full as this fashion does not come cheap but just may save your life.


Bulletproof: It's What's in Fashion This Year