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The Bull Shark on the End of This Line is a Man-Eating Machine

bull shark

Watch this monstrous bull shark go crazy while being reeled in!

When most people think of really big sharks they typically tend to think of great white sharks or even tiger sharks. However, this viral video of an absolutely monstrous bull shark is now making a name for itself all across the web!

One Big Bull Shark

That is one BIG bull shark - just in time for #SharkWeek! *Video credit: James Weathers*

Posted by Wide Open Spaces on Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Did you see the head on that thing! Talk about having some serious chompers! Awesome video by James Weathers.

Thankfully it seems this fish was caught far out to sea and far away from any potential swimmers. However, these sharks are notorious for moving into beaches and even traveling far up freshwater rivers at times. You never know when a big bull like this is going to pop up in your local swimming hole.

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The Bull Shark on the End of This Line is a Man-Eating Machine