Bull Shark Attacks Spearfisherman
YouTube: Liquid Vision

Bull Shark Charges Spear Fisherman, Who Must Act in Self-Defense

These days we all know that sharks aren't quite the bloodthirsty creatures that the movies portray them to be. Since Jaws first terrified audiences back in the 1970s, we've come to understand these predators much better. Today we know that most shark attacks are usually the result of mistaken identity where the fish mistakes a human for a natural prey animal. Other attacks consist of quick exploratory bites, where the shark is simply curious about what a human being is without intention of destroying or eating it.

In most cases, sharks will cease their attack quickly when they realize a human isn't their normal prey item. Instances where a shark has real malice towards people are exceedingly rare.

Today's video is a rare case where a shark exhibits such malice. This spear fisherman was out trying to catch dinner when an aggressive bull shark starts charging him.

As the shark closes the distance, the spear fisherman has no choice other than to use his speargun in self-defense.

There's no question from the shark's body language that this fish was out to take a bite out of either the fisherman or potentially his catch. The angler discusses in another video how he's encountered sharks many times in the past. Most would come in out of curiosity but would usually quickly swim away when they realized the man was not his usual prey.

The angler also notes the shot from the spear gun did kill the shark in question. He also said this was not a scenario he ever wanted to be placed in. The shark's actions left him no other choice than to defend himself. After all, bull sharks are extremely aggressive and have been blamed for many attacks that have maimed and even killed humans in recent years.

At the very least this video serves as an excellent educational moment on what to watch for in a shark's body language if you're ever in a similar situation.

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