Buck Jumps Fence
YouTube: rollingplainsadv

Buck Tries and Fails to Leap Fence in Spectacular Fashion

Deer are beautiful, athletic, graceful creatures that are capable of high speeds and spectacular leaps and bounds. However, not even nature is totally immune to an embarrassing folly every now and then. Especially when fences are involved. In many Midwestern and agricultural states, fences are a part of life marking the boundaries between pieces of property and the deer learn to jump over or go through them at a very early age.

The buck in today's video proves that not every deer is good at jumping. A camera just happens to be rolling as a nice buck tries to make a spectacular leap over a fence, only to come up a little bit short.

Ouch, we are not sure if deer can feel embarrassment or not, but it sure looked like that is what the buck was feeling after he recovered from that splat on the wire. Just the way he ran off after recovering seemed to scream: "I sure hope none of the does saw that!" As for injuries, we are not too worried. Whitetails are tough animals and this buck probably had minor cuts and a little hair loss at worse from this incident.

This video explains a lot. We have all seen sections of fence splayed out or damaged like that in the past. I always figured it was a tractor, or high winds, or some other natural forces that damaged them. However, we are now wondering if this happens more often than we realize. There have been some instances in the past where deer have gotten hopelessly tangled in barbed wire fences and have even been killed as a result.

Fortunately, in this instance it seems the only thing hurt was the fence and the buck's pride. We're thankful to the anonymous camera operator who was lucky enough to capture such a rare sight and share it with the world.

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