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Deer Seemingly Tries to Get Even With Hunter

There are reasons why you wait instead of going right after that buck you just shot.

The wait after you shoot a big buck is probably the most excruciating part of deer hunting. You want to jump out of your stand or blind and run right over to them to check out your kill up close, but should really just sit there and wait them out.

Hunters generally use this time to celebrate and reflect back on the events leading up to the shot as the adrenaline rush resides. Sometimes hunters just lose their heads to buck fever and the consequences can be a lasting scar to remind you to take your time.

Watch the video below:

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Seeing this is a reminder to everyone about just how much fight a buck or any other animal can still have in them after being shot. They may look down and out, but their adrenaline is pumping just as much as yours and I'm sure they would love to take a bite of the person who just shot them.

This hunter is extremely lucky that he just got a small poke in the leg from the big rack on that buck. As close as he was, that deer could have easily impaled him multiple places on both legs, turning his trip to the processor into a trip to the hospital.

Just remember to take that moment after the shot to reflect and allow yourself a moment to clear you head before beginning your walk over to your kill to give them time to fully perish. Then carefully and slowly approach them while making some noise to make sure they're down for the count. If not, prepare for a follow-up shot if you need to.

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