whitetail buck attacks decoy
YouTube: RealtreeOutdoors

Buck Destroys a Decoy in This Realtree Hunting Video

This deer wasn't interested in anything except stomping its competition.

The rut offers some incredible theatrics, as whitetail bucks will summon all of their might just to outmuscle other bachelors. These competitors often die, whether it comes from a sharp antler in an unfortunate place or simply a fit of exhaustion.

Nonetheless, when hunters see nature start to run its course in this annual ritual, it's hard for them to look away.

In this video, we see Michael Hunsucker bowhunting in Missouri from a ground blind, with a decoy set out just in range for a shot.

The decoy-led strategy seems to be going according to plan, presenting Hunsucker with the perfect opportunity to draw his bow.

Then, the unthinkable happens.

Watch the video below:

While that buck absolutely obliterated "Scarface," the decoy, it's safe to say the plan did work. However, it's easy to understand Hunsucker's initial frustration when the buck wouldn't stop for a grunt call.

He later mentions that he thinks the deer might've been deaf, but there's really no way to know. It's certainly possibly that it couldn't hear the calls, but it also seems likely that it was just so charged up that no sound was going to divert its attention from ol' Scarface.

By some miracle, though, Hunsucker was able to get a second chance at a shot, as the big buck, "Little Louie," circled back toward the fallen buck decoy.

And, when it mattered most, this bowhunter made the perfect shot.

Scarface might need a little TLC to get it back to full speed, I doubt Hunsucker will ever think about using a different whitetail deer decoy.

Congrats to this man on harvesting a beautiful whitetail buck with archery tackle!

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