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Agitated Buck Attacks Camera Crew During Filming of Educational TV Segment

Buck Attack
YouTube: KYAfield

This buck would not give up attacking this film crew!

Deer may look like docile and peaceful creatures, but if you make one angry, they are not afraid to fight and attack. Most attacks on humans are rare and the ones that do occur usually happen during the rut when the bucks are all riled up on testosterone.

Sometimes deer decide to attack for no good reason whatsoever and that's the case with this classic clip from Kentucky Afield in 1989. Host Dave Shuffett is filming an educational segment a biologist and Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources employee Johnny Widener.

It's clear they're doing a segment about how fast deer antlers grow as they step into a pen with a nice whitetail buck. The deer decides he's having none of this outdoor program and decides he's going to attack Johnny. What happens next is a wild tussle and the whole thing is caught on camera.

This footage was shot in September and that's a little early for bucks to start getting riled up by the pre-rut. Still, something upset this buck because he decided he wanted to gore some humans. You may have noticed one of the buck's tines caught Johnny in the leg. The video's description says he ultimately had to have minor surgery to repair the damage to his leg. Talk about a crazy injury!

This footage only shows about two minutes of the tussle, but the video's description states this wrestling match went on for another 45 minutes after the cameras stopped rolling. Note that when they tried to push that buck away, he immediately came back for more!

Something was clearly agitating this buck a great deal on this day. What it was we will never know. However, the video serves as a good reminder to be careful around deer, even penned ones. These animals are stronger than they appear and they can easily hurt humans when given the chance!

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Agitated Buck Attacks Camera Crew During Filming of Educational TV Segment