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Magnus Broadhead Does the Job on Strutting Gobbler

Here's one way to make sure your archery turkey hunt doesn't end in a wild bird chase.

Turkey hunting is already hard. However, bowhunting turkeys can often be a difficult task. You have to adjust hunting tactics to stealthily pull the bow back when that sharp-eyed longbeard comes in strutting and gobbling. Then there is shot placement. With the vitals being so small, you have little room for error, and sometimes when they are hit it, in ends in a wild foot chase to recover your gobbler.

Well, using the Magus Bullhead broadhead will solve that problem!

Watch this hunter hammer a gobbler with a great shot:

That's one way to put a quick end to turkey season! This is why some people prefer spring turkey over whitetail deer season. There is a ton of skill involved in making a shot like this on a wild turkey. If that shot is off even just a little, that bird is living to see another hunting season and the turkey hunter is left with an empty freezer.

The broadhead decapitates the gobbler on the spot, leaving the archer with a short tracking job and some organic turkey meat that wasn't damaged at all. Now he can chunk it up and make some turkey nuggets back at turkey camp!

So, while you may be spending a lot of time working with your mouth call and box call on your kee kees, clucks and yelps, don't forget to spend a little time on the archery range too. That big Tom turkey isn't going to make it easy for you!