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Breathe Underwater? This Incredible Kickstarter "Scorkl" is an All-New Way to do That

Would you like to be able to breathe underwater with total freedom?

The all new Scorkl will give you up to 10 minutes of air underwater. Learn how the all new Scorkl could let you shed the scuba tank. Here's the video on their Kickstarter page:

Well, breathing underwater with a small device is James Bond stuff of movies, right? Well not anymore with the all-new Scorkl. This small breathing device can be pumped by hand by a high pressure air pump or air tank and give up to 10 minutes of air for your underwater adventures. It can be refilled on location so when you're out of air; just return to the beach or boat, pump and repeat. It is that simple.

Safe and easy for anyone to use, the new Scorkl has so many possibilities for recreational divers or just swimmers who want to ditch the old annoying scuba tank or old-school snorkel. For survival situations, this could come in handy for escape and evasion, or diving for a great meal. Not to mention catfish noodling!

The exciting new Scorkl launched on Kickstarter on June 7th.

Make sure to check them out also on their Facebook page. Start planning your own new adventure with the help of the incredible Scorkl.