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BREAKING: Ruger Announces Mark IV Pistol Recall

BREAKING- Ruger Announces Mark IV Pistol Recall

If you just bought a new Ruger target rimfire pistol, then you need to check and see if it’s impacted by the Ruger Mark IV pistol recall.

The folks at Sturm Ruger & Company just discovered a defect in some of their Mark IV pistols. Specifically, all Ruger Mark IV pistols (to include the Mark IV Target, Hunter, Competition, 22/45, 22/45 Lite and 22/45 Tactical models) manufactured prior to June 1, 2017 may potentially discharge unintentionally if the safety is not utilized correctly.

As a result, they’ve instituted a Mark IV pistol recall to retrofit all impacted pistols with an improved safety mechanism.

According to Ruger, if you own one of these pistols and partially engage the safety so that it is midway between “safe” and “fire”, then pull the trigger, then release the trigger and disengage the safety, then the pistol may fire. They do not recommend firing your Mark IV pistol until you determine if it is subject to the recall. If it is indeed in need of repairs to the safety mechanism, they will repair your pistol free of charge

Fortunately (and unlike the infamous Remington Model 700 recall), only a few of their Mark IV pistols have this fault and they don’t know of any injures resulting from the problem. Bottom line: if you own a Mark IV pistol with a serial number beginning with “401” or “WBR”, then it is subject to the recall. Do not attempt to fire it until you’ve gotten the safety mechanism repaired.

No Mark I, Mark II, or Mark III pistols are subject to this recall.

For more information on the Ruger Mark IV pistol recall, to include what to do if you own a pistol that needs to be retrofitted, visit the web site Ruger has set up for this purpose.

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BREAKING: Ruger Announces Mark IV Pistol Recall