Spot and Stalk Mule Deer
YouTube: FatalImpactOutdoors

Bowhunter Successfully Spots and Stalks Big Mule Deer Despite a Lack of Cover

Bowhunting doesn't get much more exciting.

As anyone who has tried it will tell you, bowhunting is unbelievably difficult. Especially when it comes to spot and stalking any sort of deer. Sneaking up on a big buck will test every single one of your stalking skills. And even then, if you manage to get close enough, you still must make the shot. Simply put, a lot of things must go right for a bowhunt to be a success.

Case in point is today's video. Fatal Impact Outdoors' Jeffrey Solberg is coming off the painful sting of an unlucky miss on a big mule deer buck due to high winds. Undeterred, he is back out in the field trying to make some magic happen as archery season is winding down.

This ends up being the right attitude, as he passes up one buck and then finds another nice one as light is fading. He returns the next day and finds the buck again, setting up an opportunity for an exciting spot and stalk.

Persistence pays off! It's easy to want to throw in the towel and give up when the season has handed you nothing but lemons so far. This season threw plenty at Jeffrey. When they stalked to within five yards of that buck that night before, but he refused to stand, that had to be extremely frustrating. Thankfully, the buck was still in the area the next day.

Spot and stalk hunting does not get much more difficult than this hunt. That buck was bedded in a patch of sage brush right out in the open with basically zero cover around him. Smart thinking by the deer because it makes it easier to spot predators. However, it failed to see Jeffrey coming. That takes some patience and skill to sneak up on a deer like that.

Keep this hunt in mind the next time you're ready to give up for the season. Because all it takes is a little hard work to turn a bad season into a great one!

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