Kodiak Island Deer Hunting
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Bowhunter Makes Spectacular Close Quarters Shot at Kodiak Island Blacktail Deer

This hunter makes a heck of a shot on an Alaskan Sitka blacktail deer.

In the deer hunting world, whitetails and mule deer rule the minds of most deer hunters. For good reason, those are two of the most plentiful big game animals out there. They're also arguably the best chances for putting some venison in your freezer during the rut.

For hunters looking for a bit more challenge with deer in North America, the tiny Sitka blacktail stands out from the crowd. The deer population for this species is a bit less widespread and the hunting experience is much tougher.

In this quick hunt, Tom Miranda with HuntStand is on Kodiak Island Alaska for a blacktail deer hunt. Things are going slowly and the weather isn't ideal. So, Tom's guide sets up an impromptu deer drive to push some deer his way. Tom ends up making what can only be described as a spectacular shot at close range with his bow.

Obviously, that's not a shot you want to take every day. However, with an elusive Alaskan blacktail, he may not have gotten another chance. These deer offer one of the biggest Alaska hunting challenges out there. The antlers may have only scored around 79 inches, but the blacktail simply does not grow as large as some of his other North American cousins.

Part of the challenge of seeking these deer is that the weather is often windy and rainy, testing hunters to endure the elements, no matter what time of year they seek them. The good news is that many Sitka blacktail deer hunting expeditions to Kodiak often involve outfitters who own a large boat with indoor sleeping and hot showers at the end of a long day of glassing and seeking these elusive animals.

These hunts also often offer bonus sea duck hunting or fishing from the boat when you aren't hiking through the wilderness after your quarry. In other places blacktails are found, fly-in expeditions with float planes may be needed to reach the animals where they live. Overall, it makes for an amazing hunting experience. One worthy of adding to your bucket list for someday.

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