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Bowhunter Makes Perfect Shot on Giant, 180-Inch Illinois Buck


The hardest part of hunting is figuring out the habits of truly big, mature bucks. Those old forest warriors that have been around for more than a few seasons and know how to properly evade a hunter. It takes a lot of strategic thinking and proper stand placement, but it can be done. In today's video, Ben Rising of the Deer Society shows exactly how he did it on a beautiful 180-inch 10-pointer the landowner calls "Scissors." The hunters on this property have been pursuing this buck for years but no one has been able to get close enough for a shot. That is, until Ben comes along.

Ben carefully analyzes the property, the topography, and the sign, moving stands a few times. He sees some nice bucks, but no sign of Scissors. Finally, he works his way into an area of particularly thick cover and finds the big buck's bedroom. He carefully sets up a stand right on the edge and uses a calling and grunting sequence to bring the big guy in for a perfect shot.

At around 7-and-a-half years old, Scissors was a battle-weary warrior of the woods, of that there is no doubt. We noticed something interesting: check out that squint in his left eye. It looks like he took a tine near there, likely during some fight long ago. He didn't take kindly to hearing what he thought were two other bucks fighting on his turf, and that's what ultimately leads to the deer's demise. There was probably an element of risk with this setup being as tight into cover as it was, and it was really close to the deer's primary bedding area. However, it paid off in the end with the buck of a lifetime.


The hunters who were previously on the property had spent years just hoping to catch a glimpse of this animal with no luck. It just goes to show that anyone can kill one of these big guys if you really do your homework. Spend the time figuring out exactly where these animals are moving and where they're hanging out, and you can harvest a heck of a buck.

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