Bowfishing for Gar
YouTube: UnGuided Outdoors

Bowfishing for Gar at Night Delivers Fast Action and a Boat Full of Fish

This was a night of bowfishing to remember.

One of the more unique ways to target fish is through bowfishing. And even though this style of angling targets mostly rough fish and non-game species, there is just something about it that we love. Nothing quite tops the thrill of nailing the shot on a large gar or carp swimming lazily just beneath the surface.

For an extra layer of excitement and challenge, night fishing is an excellent way to fill the boat in a hurry when conditions are right.

That's the case with this video from UnGuided Outdoors. These guys head out right as the gar are spawning and the buffalo are cruising the shallows. Thanks to clear water conditions, it ends up being a night to remember. The action is fast and furious and before they know it, they have a boat full of fish!

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It does not get much better than this when it comes to bowfishing. This is the type of night these guys will be reminiscing about for years to come. It isn't often that multiple anglers are all getting shots at multiple fish at the same time. Safe to say, the freezer is stocked for a while after a trip like that. Although we don't envy the hours of work at the fish cleaning table that morning!

The gar you saw here were mostly long nose, but there were some alligator gar and spotted gar too. No matter the species, these toothy, prehistoric predators are a favorite target of bow fishing enthusiasts everywhere.

In addition to being a fun way to kick off the spring fishing seasons, bowfishing is a great thing for archery hunters to do in the off-season to practice and keep their form until deer season rolls around. Give it a try this season, you may just find a new favorite fishing season!

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