Bond Arms Expands Their Rough Series of Guns With the Brand New Grizzly

The Texas gunmaker added the firearm to its Rough Series, a collection of budget-friendly pistols.

Back in January at 2020 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Bond Arms took to the showroom floors to spotlight its newest value-priced pistol—the Grizzly.

A single-action, double-barrel pistol, the Grizzly joins the Rough Series as an affordable self-defense option, while still boasting the premium features found on all Bond Arms firearms. With a stainless steel barrel and frame, a cross-bolt safety, retracting firing pins, a spring-loaded cam-lock lever and a rebounding hammer, the Grizzly is as sleek as it is functional.

However, its 3-inch barrels chambered in .45 Long Colt and .410 are what wins customers over. While the stock barrel comes with a blade front sight and a fixed rear sight, the Grizzly frame is compatible with any standard Bond Arms barrel.


Bond Arms didn't slack on the aesthetics, either, as the Grizzly dons a brilliant set of rosewood grips crafted with engravings of grizzly bears and the Bond Arms name. A checkered panel offers a better grip, too.

Complementing the artistry that harnesses the firearms namesake, Bond Arms also designed a special leather holster embossed with a grizzly bear.

The Rough Series, which also includes Bond Arms' Rowdy and Roughneck models, aims to offer shooters a stainless steel firearm at a fair price without sacrificing too much quality. To lower the price point, Bond Arms cut down on polishing and hand-finishing, but every pistol still goes through minimal deburring and cleanup to remove any sharp or rough edges. Afterward, each receives a bead-blast finish.

Tiny casting imperfections and rough areas are removed via sanding and polishing, but many of the marks are still visible to give each firearm its own unique "character."

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