Sebastian Husted
Sebastian Tyrese Husted. Credit: Facebook

Body Found by Turkey Hunter Identified as Sebastian Husted

Sebastian Husted went missing in January 2018 after leaving work at a hog confinement facility in Mercer County, Missouri.

Authorities say they identified the dead body found this week by a turkey hunter in Mercer County, Missouri. According to Wednesday's announcement by the Missouri State Highway Patrol, the victim was 24-year-old Sebastian Tyrese Husted.

According to a missing persons report, Husted, of Centerville, Iowa, went missing in January 2018. At the time, he was working at a hog confinement facility in South Lineville, Missouri, which borders Iowa. It was a job he held for about two weeks.

The Charley Project, a website dedicated to finding missing persons, reported that Husted texted his brother on the night he went missing, asking him to pick him up. He told his brother that his coworker was acting strange and aggressive.

In response, Husted's brother asked for an address, but never got a reply. Then, Husted was never heard from again. Authorities tried to ping Husted's phone, but they were never able to find it. They also searched the hog confinement facility but found no trace of him.

Sebastian Husted

Sebastian Husted shooting a compound bow. Credit: Sebastian Husted/Facebook

Exactly where the hunter found Husted's remains and if it was near the hog confinement facility is unclear, but they did say it was on private property.

Husted's sister, Iesha Husted, called the findings "a day many people have prayed and hoped for" as it brings closure to many. "We have found Ty and are bringing him home. While this was never the outcome we wanted we are relieved our search is over," she wrote in a Facebook post.

On his Facebook profile, Husted can be seen wearing camo, shooting a compound bow, fishing, and skateboarding. His son was also reportedly born after he went missing.

In Missouri, spring turkey hunting season starts on April 15 and goes until May 5.