Getty, Wildnerdpix

Watch: Two Bobcats Defend Their Meal From a Coyote

This coyote picked the wrong bobcats to mess with.

The Red Cliff Band of the Lake Superior Chippewa caught some incredible footage on a trail cam on their Red Cliff Reservation in Wisconsin. Shot in January 2018, the footage shows two healthy-looking bobcats defending their hard-earned meal from a coyote.

Bobcats may not be the most fearsome feline predator out there, but they make up for their smaller statues with a ferocious attitude and courage. They're willing to take on any animal that backs them into a corner or tries to steal their hard-earned meal. In the YouTube video, two bobcats mill around their carcass while a coyote approaches. Probably against the hungry coyote's better judgment, it decides to try and steal the carcass from the two wild cats, which is then followed by vicious biting, scratching, and snarling. You'll want to make sure your sound is on for this one.

While bobcats are a smaller species of cat, they do reach upwards of 30 pounds. It's easy to forget that male bobcats can reach upwards of 30 pounds and 50 inches in length. They are more than big enough to give a coyote a run for its money, as clearly seen in the video, especially when there are two of them teaming up. Bobcats are territorial and live most of their lives alone, making this video of two bobcats working together all the more incredible. Bobcats only come together to mate, and bobcat kittens leave their mothers after around one year.

Coyotes may be mean, but when it comes to North American predators, there are plenty of animals with shorter tempers. In 2021, a video surfaced of an injured wolf scaring off a whole pack of coyotes in Yellowstone, and in 2022 a coyote got its butt kicked by a Canadian lynx. Most of the time, coyotes are smart enough to know when they're outmatched, leaving us scratching our heads as to what this coyote was thinking when it decided to challenge two bobcats.