Bobcat vs Coyote
YouTube: Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior Chippewa

Coyote Battles Two Bobcats for Meal in Trail Camera Footage

There are a handful of animals out in the woods you simply don't want to mess with, and one of those is unquestionably the bobcat. Sure, these wild felines may not be the biggest predators out there, but they make up for their small stature with a vicious attitude and the courage to stand up to any animal that backs them into a corner or attempts to steak their hard-earned meal. In the following video, we get to see a dazzling piece of evidence that backs up the bobcat's prowess back in the sticks, as some trail camera footage out of Wisconsin's Red Cliff Reservation captures two bobcats stave off an opportunistic coyote that gets a little too overzealous.

Probably against the coyote's better judgement, it decides to try and steal the carcass from the two wild cats, which is then followed by vicious biting, scratching, and snarling. Make sure your sound is on for this one.

It's easy to forget that bobcats can reach upwards of 30 pounds, which is more than enough to give any coyote a run for its money, especially when there are two of them teaming up. Just imagine walking through the woods at night and hearing the sounds from this video echoing through the dark. Talk about fortunate trail camera placement, too. This battle could have happened anywhere in the woods, so the fact it happened right near the camera likely makes it a once-in-a-lifetime capture.

Coyotes may be mean, but when it comes to North American predators, there are tons of animals with shorter tempers. We also recently shared a video of a coyote getting its butt kicked by a Canadian lynx, and another of an injured wolf scaring a whole pack of coyotes off a kill in Yellowstone. Most of the time, the coyote is smart enough to know when it's outmatched, leaving us scratching our heads as to what this coyote was thinking when it decided to challenge two bobcats.

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