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Bob the Buck Freed After Getting Tangled In 8 Pounds of Rope

buck tangled

This buck tangled with a hammock and took part of it with him.

Wildlife biologists and police officers in Washington recently teamed together to help free a tangled buck. People had seen him walking around with a large mass of rope in his rack, dragging part of it behind him. It turns out, the buck had an unfortunate encounter with a neighborhood hammock.

The deer had been seen for some time carrying the extra head gear. Locals in the region became familiar with the deer and started referring to him by his new name, Bob.

According to the original post on the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife Facebook page, upon removing the rope, officials say Bob's head weighed a full 8 pounds lighter. He's now out walking freely, and hopefully avoiding any other afternoon naps in nearby hammocks.

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Bob the Buck Freed After Getting Tangled In 8 Pounds of Rope