$1,500 Bespoke Duck Call and Blue Jeans Collab Sells Out in Less Than a Day

This limited-edition pairing of a duck call and jeans proved immensely popular!

The worlds of custom duck calls and handmade denim jeans collided with a pairing that was too good for collectors to resist with Blue Delta Jeans and custom duck call maker Josh Raggio producing five limited-edition pairings of call and custom-tailored jeans that sold out as quickly as they were put on sale for $1,500.

The duck calls produced in the partnership between Blue Delta Jeans and Raggio Custom Calls are certainly one-of-a-kind, and it's easy to see why die-hard waterfowl collectors went nuts over them. The calls were made from denim provided by Blue Delta Jeans. For the call company's founder Josh Raggio, this partnership provided a chance to do something different that would challenge even a world class, heirloom-quality call maker.

"I was drawn to Blue Delta Jeans because of their similar approach of creating one product at a time," Raggio said in a press release. "Developing calls that meet my performance expectations with raw denim was quite a challenge, but we are proud of the final result. Not only will these be great collector's items, but they will also perform in the field... and that's most important to me."

The jeans provided in each pairing were custom-tailored in either duck canvas fabric or raw denim depending on the customer's choice. The jeans featured the Raggio Custom Calls logo on the inside of the pockets and an embroidered duck call on the watch pocket.

For Blue Delta Jeans CEO Josh West, the pairing between these two companies was a perfect match based on the customers each has and what they demand out of their custom gear. Blue Delta Jeans is known for making custom pants that are specifically tailored to fit each customer individually.

"As a Mississippi-based company, we've known Josh and have a great appreciation for his craft," West said in a press release. "Like us, he has created a following among consumers who appreciate the value of custom-made, high-performance products and are willing to pay for that. We felt like this unique pairing was a great fit."

It seems the two companies are not done collaborating either. During the Blue Delta Jeans Inaugural Coastal Cup Waterfowl Tournament being held January 21-21, 2022, Raggio will serve as a tournament official.

For more information on Raggio Custom Calls and Blue Delta Jeans, check out their websites.

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