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Tennessee's Blackberry Farm is an Appalachian Paradise

The Blackberry Farm is a luxury hotel and getaway experience nestled among the Great Smoky Mountains 40 minutes outside Knoxville, Tennessee. This 4,200-acre estate boasts breathtaking scenery, delectable cuisine, and intimate tastes of pleasure and relaxation.

Over the last 80 years, the Blackberry Farm has become a beloved reprieve for romantic weekends, adventurous outings, and family vacations.

About the Blackberry Farm in Tennessee

Picture it now: spend mornings watching the sunrise across the endless expanse of the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains. Sip your morning coffee on the porch of your mountain-view cottage suite. The story begins with Florida and Dave Lasier. They visited the land in the 1930s and became entranced with the region's beauty.

The name "Blackberry Farm" is said to have come from Florida, snagging her silk stockings in a thicket of blackberry bushes. Fast forward to the mid-'70s, when the Beall family set to help preserve and protect the precious land. The Beall family quickly turned the six-room country inn into a place the public could visit and enjoy. In the 2000s, the Bealls' son, Sam, brought his admiration for food, wine, and adventure to completely transform Blackberry Farm into what it is today.

The Blackberry Farm Today

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Today, the jaw-dropping property is a farmstead with sweeping gardens, an expansive wine cellar, and the opening of the Dogwood and The Barn at Blackberry Farm. Each year, the estate serves world-renowned guests from pro athletes to award-winning chefs to everyday humans like you and me. Visiting the working farm and luxury resort is guaranteed to fill your soul with southern hospitality, damn good food and wine, and a rested heart ready to take on "normal" life again.

Activities on the Farm

No matter the time of year, there are endless ways to fill your Blackberry days. From spa and wellness services at the Wellhouse to satisfying your inner foodie with fabulous foothills cuisine to taking your golf cart around the stunning grounds to fly fishing in Hesse Creek, Blackberry Farms has the activity for you.

Other popular outings include archery, horseback riding, cycling, children's educational programs, sommelier-approved wine tastings, touring the farmstead, watersports, and so much more.

Lodging Options on the Farm

Overnight accommodations include the Historic Rooms in the main house, Estate Rooms in the guest house, varying suites, Hill Cottages, Farm Cottages, and 3-5 bedroom houses. When you stay in an Estate Room, you can enjoy the Guest House Living Room, which offers two fireplaces and a stone veranda with the estate's signature rocking chairs and unparalleled mountain views.

As far as cottages, you can select from the Carriage House Suites, the Holly Glade Cottage Suites, and the Singing Brook Cottage Suites. Choose from one of six houses available for rent for larger families and groups, ranging from 3 to 5 bedrooms with full kitchens and dining areas.

No matter which lodging option you choose, you are guaranteed to enjoy the luxurious and carefree comforts of Blackberry Farm. Varying in size and style, each accommodation provides access to concierge services, a flat-screen TV, and high-speed Wi-Fi. An added perk of staying at Blackberry Farm is that it is pet-friendly.

You can also find the Farm's sister company, Blackberry Mountain, just 15 minutes down the way!

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