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Black Bear Takes on Car, Spins and Keeps on Truckin’

bear hit by car
YouTube: Fast & Failing

A black bear seemingly met his match when it took on the bumper of a moving car, but it was the car that lost.

The black bear is one of North America's most widely recognized animals. Yogi and Smokey aside, we know it as one of our most revered game species.

But the United States and Canada aren't the only places they exist. Such bear encounters happen across eastern Europe and into Asia as different species of the bruin are abundant in some areas. 

Such is the case with this video that shows a large bruin trying to cross the road, only to stumble upon a moving motor vehicle. Usually when this is the case, the animal gets the worst of it, but this time the bear seems to simply dance his way out of it!


Breakdancing Russian bear

Drunk Russian bear gets hit by car and gives away breakdance show.

Posted by Fast & Failing on Thursday, February 16, 2017

The ursus americanus exists across the country into the far reaches of Canada, and all the way to Alaska. This one appears to have been Russian in origin, or possibly some eastern block country at least.

Their different habitat types include mountainous regions that provide the food sources they prefer. While this one seems to be European in origin, it's still one of the toughest bruins we've ever encountered!

Have you ever seen a bear bounce off of a car like that?

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Black Bear Takes on Car, Spins and Keeps on Truckin’