Bini the Bunny Even Cleans up After Himself

Bini the Bunny may make a mess, but he'll always clean up after himself!

When you own rabbits, you'll quickly find that a good part of caring for them means cleaning up after them. Rabbits tend to toss things around and never seem to be able to keep their bedding inside their cages. And the rabbit poops - even the most well litter box-trained rabbit still has accidents, resulting in little poops that roll all over your floor. Cleanup is always on you - unless you have Bini the Bunny.

Bini has an unusual talent, in that he literally cleans up after himself. He has a little vacuum cleaner that's the perfect size, and this fastidious rabbit makes sure that every last one of his poops is vacuumed up. Just look at that sparkling floor!

See Bini the Bunny in action in the video below.

Don't have a rabbit that's as neat as Bini? Most of us don't. If your rabbit isn't well litter box trained, then spaying or neutering your rabbit may make a difference. If you let your rabbit out of his cage to roam around, then place a second litter box elsewhere in the house, so your rabbit is never too far from his box. Placing some poops in your rabbit's freshly cleaned litter box can also encourage him to use the box appropriately.

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You might want to keep a dustpan and brush near your rabbit's cage for easy cleanup. Swiffers are also useful, especially if you have hardwood floors.

While rabbits may be messy, they also make great pets and are utterly adorable. We'll take a little extra cleanup in order to share our lives with these great pets.

Would your rabbit be one to clean up after himself? Tell us in the comments below!

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