Bike Self Defense
YouTube: Eric Pettway

Bike Self Defense Shooting Drill Requires Marksmanship and Balance

"Anybody can hit a target standing still."

If you have ever taken a self-defense course with firearms, you have probably had an instructor continually hammering the idea of practice makes perfect into your head. It is true for most things in life, but it is especially important when it comes to using a firearm in a defensive scenario.

Most experienced instructors will also remind you that these scenarios will probably arise when you least expect them, which is why it is important to prepare for all contingencies. Case in point is this wild video from YouTuber Eric Pettway.

Eric's son asked him what they would do if they were thrust into such a scenario while out riding their bikes. Well, Eric has a solution, and it involves a wild shooting drill utilizing both a sporting rifle and handguns while still rolling down the street. Do not try this one at home.

Talk about some serious skills. Both for riding the bike and for the handling of those firearms! It is probably safe to say that this is not the sort of thing you will find most instructors teaching. There are far fewer places where one can evenly safely practice this sort of thing. For most shooters, this sort of thing is going to be far above their skill level.

The greater message Eric is trying to get across here is that it may save your life to prepare for defensive scenarios in situations you may never expect. Think about the activities you participate in on a regular basis and try to determine what you would do if you had to defend yourself. From there, you can try to figure out some safe drills to work on at the range that will help you prepare for those scenarios.

Eric has a talent for making some wildly entertaining shooting videos. Remember that this was the guy who was brave enough to shoot a .50 BMG on a glass coffee table in his living room. We cannot wait to see what he does to top this drill!

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