Bigfoot Howl
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Bigfoot Screams Allegedly Recorded in Ohio Forest

An Ohio woman claims she finally recorded audio of the scream of the legendary Bigfoot after years of trying. The Mansfield News Journal reports Suzanne Ferencak recorded the howls on July 3 near her home in Loudonville, about an hour south of Cleveland. She claims the clip is the culmination of several years of surveillance on her property with an audio recorder she keeps in the backyard. The newspaper reports she's recorded nearly 20,000 hours of audio from behind her house. She claims to have first seen the creature crossing a road back in 2013. After that, she says she would often hear the screams from the wooded area behind her property. She finally decided to buy the recorder to capture proof, but then the activity came to an abrupt halt.

That was, until July 3. Ferencak said she did like she often does that evening: she sat by a campfire behind her home. It's a place where she says she's heard the calls before and a friend claimed to have seen the legendary beast. You can hear the full audio in the video below.

There's no doubt there's something making sounds in this clip. What, exactly, is hard to say. Ferencak said the early part of the evening had been marked by people lighting off fireworks. Eventually the sounds of celebration ceased, and Ferencak decided to stay by the fire. The howls started at 3:42 a.m.

"You hear some howls," she told the newspaper. "Then you hear a chorus of coyotes and then you hear howls again."

Ferencak and other believers think the audio is either a juvenile or a female Sasquatch calling for her offspring. Some in the Bigfoot community say they can hear wood knocks and the distinctive sound of a second creature responding to the calls of the first. Others aren't as convinced. USA Today spoke to naturalist Kyle Casey, he works at Mohican State Park not far from where the audio was recorded. He says it's not an exact match, but he thinks the most likely explanation is a known native animal.

"The closest thing that we believe it would be would be the call of an alpha male coyote," Casey told USA Today. "A coyote call in its pack."

Ferencak is apparently undeterred by that explanation. She told the News Journal she plans to purchase better audio equipment. As a member of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, she's also set to host a "Bigfoot Basecamp" weekend in September that will be held at Pleasant Hill Lake Park in Perrysville. The event will feature Matt Moneymaker of Animal Planet's "Finding Bigfoot" fame as a key speaker. In addition to educational presentations, they are planning group hikes each day of the area.

"We don't expect that we will see a Bigfoot, but it's worth a try," Ferencak told the News Journal.

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